Timascus in Fall


There's something truly special about living in the North East. Fall. We were founded in Arizona. We have found a deep appreciation for the fall colors the North East has to offer. 

I created this ring as a way to express my appreciation for this incredible season. There is so many colors in both fall and this ring. We heat anodize this ring in different stages all the way around the ring to reveal a multitude of colors. Bronzes, golds, purples, teals and blues. The result is just incredible. 

This ring is made of Timascus which is Titanium Damascus. That means multiple layers of titanium have been folded, forged, hammered and twisted on heavy machinery. 

It is also a hypoallergenic design. It has a chamfered edge inside and out. It comes in 7mm width. If you'd like a wider version, please select the wider version below. Keep in mind it uses more material and has more machining time so there is a slight cost increase for the additional width. 

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