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About The Design

There are times when I design a ring and I just know that I've knocked it out of the park. This is one of those designs. It's titanium and carbon fiber. The titanium is heavily chamfered for comfort and the exterior is just slightly rounded with an ultra high gloss polish. It's a super comfortable ring and one of the sexiest rings I think I've ever made. 

Ordering Info

I hand make all of my rings. They do take time and I use another maker to help me with the titanium because I am a carbon fiber artist and not a metal guy. I custom order each titanium piece specifically for you! Estimated wait time for this is 30-60 days but often sooner than that. I try to set more realistic expectations just in case I get backed up from a high volume of orders. There are two widths available. A narrow version and a wide version. Featured in the picture is the narrow version. The wide version has the same width of titanium stripe, just add a little carbon onto the sides and that's it!