The Prince Oreo

$185 $395

About the Ring

This ring is combination of a purple Oreo and the Prince Ring. It has a hypoallergenic titanium liner, oreo side cut stripe that is ultra thin to keep the profile comfortable and double purple glow striped carbon fiber on the outside. It is a work of art and extremely difficult to make so thin. We keep the overall thickness of this ring below 3mm. Carbon fiber over heats the thinner it gets so we cut it really really really (did I say really enough yet?) thin with heavy cooling to ensure it doesn't overheat. We hand sand and polish it and it goes through 2 rounds of epoxy curing instead of just one. 

Ordering Info

Production time for this ring is between 2-4 weeks. We order our titanium from another maker as we prefer to specialize in carbon fiber composites. We use another maker that specializes in titanium so you get the best materials every single time. 

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