Carbon fi

The Hulk 1-2 available

$130 $225

About The Ring

The Hulk-Ring is inspired by the Hulk. Pretty straight forward huh? Well, it's not just the name because it has green. This ring is strong. Like really strong. It's a little thicker than our other rings, so that helps, but the reason it's so strong is the titanium and carbon fiber combo. The carbon fiber on the outside pressed and laminated to the inner titanium provide a rock solid ring. This sucker is still pretty lightweight thanks to titanium being fairly lightweight for a metal, but it's incredible strong. Both titanium and carbon fiber are notorious in the aerospace industry as being used for their strength. This ring is only available in 1/2" width.

Ordering info

We make each ring to size. The titanium is made by another maker. We like to work with reputable other small businesses and collaborate with them. We partnered with Richter Scale Rings on this one. These rings take 2 weeks or so to make so please be patient. The wait will be more than worth it. 

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