The Hercules Ring

The Hercules Ring

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About The Design

We're trying out a new ring style. It's like the Zeus but not quite the full width. This is a more manageable width at 10mm wide it's a medium width ring. It comes as a solid ring or with an inner glow liner to boost the overall glow for a little extra. 

This ring glows really really bright and the upgraded glow liner option glows even brighter. It is aqua glow which is our second brightest glow and second longest lasting glow. It is a turquoise or teal color and is really spectacular. 

We have a plate of this carbon that is 6" x 12" so that's enough for roughly 50 rings so once we've sold out, we are out!

We included photos of both the upgraded and non upgraded glow liner so you can compare how much brighter it is. We made sure to use the exact same camera settings in both to be as accurate of glow strength comparison as we could.