The Edge Titanium Band


We put a different flare on the chunky titanium band. We put an extreme chamfer on both sides of the exterior all the way to the center. The result is incredible. It has a slightly slimmer feel to it but has a very striking appearance. 

It has a smooth comfort fit on the inside and the edges on the outside and mildly rounded for comfort as well. It is made from Titanium, which is hypoallergenic for people that traditionally have metal allergies. In addition, titanium is notorious for being strong, durable and very lightweight which is why it is used on super cars, high end bicycles, space ships, jets and more.

Multiple Finishes and Widths Available

  • Matte finish is little to no sheen
  • Beskar finish a sheen but isn't polished all the way. It looks like the Mandalorian's Armor
  • Polished is a high gloss polish with a bright sheen
  • 1/2" is 13mm wide and is a broad ring. Size up 1/2 size.
  • 3/8" is 9mm wide and is a more narrow version. 

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