The Copper Titan


We took the old titan design and redid it with a little Arizona Flare. We love the look of copper and carbon fiber. We've had this design in the works for quite some time, but due to the copper, we were a little unsure on releasing it. Ultimately we'll let you decide for yourself. Copper is a beautiful, beautiful material and pairs very nicely with carbon fiber. Unfortunately copper will turn your finger green, so it's not a ring you can wear every day. 

This design will be limited to 10 orders or less so we don't overwhelm Ricther Scale Rings with Copper orders (He is very generous in working with us)

That being said, if you'd like this design as an everyday wear option, we have a 10K rose gold option that looks exactly like copper, but won't turn your finger green. 10K rose gold is made by combining yellow gold and copper and the lower gold content means more copper is used. It's a better daily wear option

Optional metals available are Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver and White Gold. Please email for other metal options. 

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