Solstice Ring

Solstice Ring

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About The Design

We love offset stripes. There's something about them that is non comforming. Something unique. It causes you to notice, because it was done with purpose. We named this the Solstice ring because of our obsession with the cosmos and how the world works. The solistice happens in the winter and summer when the equator is sitting on an offset plane from the sun. It's happens when the days are longest and shortest and receives attention each year. 

This ring is inspired by those semi annual events, but more importantly is designed to help you take notice and remember life changing events of your own. Everytime you see the stripe and notice that it's not centered, I hope you think of a time in your life where you made a decision or something happened to you. 

For example, the best bad thing to ever happen to me is that I was fired from a job when I was in college. It completely turned my world upside down and within a few days I had a plan and without that plan I never would have started Carbon Fi. 

Ordering Info

This design is complex and only our most experienced makers can make this design so expect a 2-4 week production time. It's tricky and we take a lot of time making this design so please be patient. This ring is a broad ring and comes in a 12mm width. If you wear traditional width rings, please size up 1/2 size. So if you normally wear a 9. select 9.5 as your width in this case. 

Orange Glow is available too. We also have other sizes from 4 and up to 16 available so if you're size isn't listed, please email us.