Size 11 Broad Heretic 12mm - 1 available

$999 $2,000

About The Design

There is only one this size and width. It's 50% off if you happen to wear a size 11. 

We named this ring the heretic on purpose. Because it doesn’t have any carbon fiber and it betrays everything we stand for. Just look at it. It’s gorgeous. We had to list it. Hopefully you can forgive us for not using carbon fiber but it had to be made. It's just such a beautiful design, we couldn't resist. 

It features gold veins through black on the exterior and real gold on the inside. We use solid gold. Not plated or gold filled. It's actual real gold. 

We also have a carbon version available as well. 

ordering info

There is a 4 week wait for this ring, so please plan accordingly. It takes us some time to make.

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