Purple Oreo

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About The Ring

We hand make these rings in 3 layers to sandwhich beautiful glow in the dark lume material between two layers of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is luxury grade carbon fiber polished with a mirror finish. The glow portion is an ultra high density luminescent glow resin that we've developed to be brighter and glow longer than nearly all our competitors. We've develeped a way to get a consistent glow that has a higher concentration of glow material. Structurally speaking, carbon fiber is the strongest when there is a core or a space between two layers of carbon fiber. This ring is one of our strongest rings because of that design. Because they are made in 3 parts, they take 3 days each to make as we let each layer cure together before adding the next layer to further add strength and durability to this ring. Plus it looks cool as hell.


These rings are all handmade. We typically ship rings within a week of your order unless we are absolutely slammed. Please be patient as we handmade them specifically for you.