Premium Top Cut Carbon Fiber Ring


The carbon fiber used in this design is more coarse. It's a thicker, heavier weave that creates a more pronounced wave pattern. It's higher grade and more expensive carbon fiber. Aerospace engineering drives technology and material development that inspired this design. This is the design that started it all for us. A simple carbon fiber ring. It's ultra lightweight, strong ring that is a great daily wear. 

  • Rounded finish
  • Polished or matte
  • Customize the width of your ring
  • Hypoallergenic

Top cut carbon fiber is carbon fiber cut vertically from a 100% void free carbon fiber sheet or plate that produces the iconic waves visible in this design. 


Materials for this design are regularly in stock and production time is 5-10 business days. 


Avoid Jewelry Polishing Chemicals, Acetone or nail polish remover. Mild soap and water is the ideal cleaning solution. Water is okay. 

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