Premium Blackwood Carbon Fiber Band


Carbon Fiber comes in many different shapes and sizes often referred to the tow of the carbon, weave pattern and weight. What makes our Premium lines of carbon fiber great is they're made with a thick tow, twill with a heavy weight ratio carbon. That just means the fabric itself has tons and tons of strands of carbon fiber. 

This carbon fiber is made from a 1.5" thick carbon fiber sheet that is thick enough for us to cut horizontally into the carbon itself. That gives us this unique blackwood carbon fiber. As you rotate the ring in your hand, the wave or weave pattern seem to vary. It's very beautiful. 

  • Premium Blackwood Carbon Fiber
  • Custom Finish
  • Broad Ring Design
  • Comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic

Customize your finish of your ring. Gloss hides the variation a bit but it looks very shiny. Matte is a nice dark appearance but shows the waves well and dry is a a grey finish that makes the waves pop. 

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