Phantom Radiance

$59 $150

About The Design

This design is made with a unique glow that is white during the day but glows a crimson red in pitch black. In partial lighting it's like a really pretty peach/orange/red. The darker the room, the more red it is. 

Phantom glow is the most expensive glow that we work with. It's 8 times the cost of our normal glow, but the unique color is absolutely worth it. 

 We're very excited to get more of this beautiful carbon fiber. It's a medium width ring at about 9-10mm or around 3/8" which makes it a great every day broad ring. It's also very durable and can take a beating. Most importantly, it has very bright turquoise glow infused center channel with carbon fiber on either side. 

I included a shot next to the broad ring I happen to be wearing at the time for comparison. 

This is a very nice statement ring. The stripe is thiccc with a ton of glow in it. We have a ton of this carbon fiber and we are able to take advantage of economies of scale and offer phenomenal pricing on it as well. 


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