Parallel Lume in White

Liner Options:

Based on our Parallels carbon fiber, we've added an upgraded version with brighter glow and more customization. You can customize your glow liner. Select a matching liner that boosts the overall glow of the ring, or a different color to add a unique flare. We even have an option for our lightning lume trustone as well. 

After years of prototyping, we've finally been able to develop parallels carbon fiber. We have a limited amount of this carbon fiber so far. It took 3 months to develop this one color. Don't wait too long to pick up one of these pieces. 

Parallels carbon fiber is a unique carbon fiber featuring two racing stripes of glow in the dark lume sandwiched on all sides by premium carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is 100% void free, hypoallergenic and extremely strong. 

Parallels carbon is made utilizing some of the highest grade of lume on the market. We spared no expense in it's development. It uses an extremely thin, high grade infusion epoxy that allows for more glow to saturated and to prevent yellowing overtime. It will glow bright and look fantastic for years and years to come.

  • Bright Glow
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Customize your finish
  • Customize your width

Each stripe is over 3mm thick of bright, pure lume composite bonded under high pressure vacuum. The ring featured is the Broad, 2 striped version with a gloss finish.

Each ring is hand crafted by Carbon Fi. The concept, material and ring was designed by aerospace jewelry designer, Tyler James. The carbon fiber is European Carbon Fiber from Carbon Waves. Many hours of work and many years of experience went into this design to be able to offer it at a reasonable price. 

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