Milky Way

Milky Way

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On a clear night, have you ever laid in the grass and stared up at the stars? There's beauty in it. It's mind blowing how large the universe is and what it might hold. When we made this ring, that's immediately what came to mind was the last time I laid on my back staring at the stars wondering if Luke Skywalker was out there, or if there were planets like ours, or just what is all that is out there? I hope every time this ring illuminates, it reminds you of the simple wonder that is here on earth and out in the cosmos and that it reminds you to never let off the gas of your own life's adventures. 

How it's made - We hand lay each color into the ring for you. The ring is made from a scratch-resistant black ceramic band. 

This ring is made with real Arizona turquoise and white, blue, and a very small amount of purple glow material 

Ordering Info

This design has a 1-2 week wait time. This design is done in collaboration with Rune Refinery.