Limited Edition White Gold Balance


About The Design

We're only going to make a handful of these and call it quits. One of each color to be precise. This is made with white gold and stamped with a Fi logo on the inside to confirm authenticity it is made by Carbon Fi. 

In the example made for myself, I used Aqua Glow. The white gold behind ONLY the glow section is polished to create a mirror effect behind the glow, boosting the overall brightness and longevity of the glow duration and intensity. We scuff up the area where the carbon is bonded to ensure a long lasting bond that will keep this ring intact for years and years to come. 

Each ring is made with 14 karat white gold. We selected 14 karat because it is slightly more durable, it is whiter in color for a better contrast with any glow selection, and it is a little more affordable. 

Only one of each color will be made and once we sell out. We're sold out. 

Ordering Info

These rings will be hand made by Tyler and will take 3 weeks to be made and ship. Below we have two versions of finishing. Polished and Matte or brushed. You will be able to full customize your ring. 


Sizing, width, shape and finish will be chosen via email after purchase is made with 


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