Limited Edition Titan Ring

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This is a limited edition of the Titan Ring. We offer a 1/2" broad version standard but we want to do a limited edition 15mm (5/8") version that is a little wider. It's similar to the beast or mega lume but in titan form and it's the first time we've ever offered anything with titanium in a width like this. We're placing a limit on the amount of orders we're accepting so if this is still on our site, it is still available. We're only going to make 10...11 if you count myself. It should be cool. We currently do not have a picture, the picture shown is the 1/2" broad version. It's exact width is 12mm so imagine an extra 1.5mm on either side. The picture shown is a polished version. We're also going to allow you to order a matte version that has a machined/brushed finish on the titanium and matte finish on the carbon fiber.