Joker Celestial


About The Design

This design is based on our Celestial design but instead of titanium we replacement it with all carbon fiber. It's beautiful and has a super bright glowing stripe down the center and side cut glow to accent the sides. It is one of the more difficult to make designs we offer so please be patient as it is comprised of essentially 4-5 individual rings all bonded together and lume that has been carefully cut to sleeve carbon over and under but not fully covering it. 

Ordering Info

We allow some wonderful customization options on this ring including width and finish. Pictured is the polished version of the ring. To keep the ring as thin as possible (speaking about wall thickness), we don't have a ton of comfort fit on this. Just enough to be rounded and feel good to wear daily but because of that it has a tighter feel so we recommend ordering 1/2 size larger than what you'd normally wear.

Shown is 1/2" wide Broad with a gloss finish. Medium width will have slightly thinner stripes. 

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