Crooked Saturn

Crooked Saturn

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About The Ring

We named this the crooked ring, because it has one crooked stripe that is very hard to make. It's designed for people that like a modern look but don't fit in with a particular crowd or group. You might see things differently than other people, you might go against the grain, something that makes you question what other people think is totally normal. If that is you, this ring is designed by a guy that gets that. It has one straight glow line. The other line is slightly off. It is crooked. That's where the fun is! It's subtle but people will notice and it sticks out....sort of like you. This ring takes a while to make as its completely hand made. That offset stripe has to be hand shaped for it to be right. We basically make 6 rings to pull this design off and two of them have to be crooked just the right amount. 

Ordering Info

We hand make our rings from scratch. Because we're not a giant factory using machines. We're carbon fiber artists. We love carbon fiber because it is so strong, lightweight and no one is allergic to carbon, it's the most common element on our planet. So please be patient. When you order this ring it could be 1-4 weeks to have it made and shipped depending on how backed up we are on orders.