Chaos Ring

$49.50 $99

About The Design

We're pleased to announce a new collaborative ring design! We have this beautiful, multi colored, swirl ring material that we're able to produce some incredible rings from. These are a limited production offer and we will only be making 50 total for the time being. If you'd like one, please order quickly. In addition we're adding on the ability to add glow to the inside. Each ring is different and varies in swirl pattern. There are blues, reds, yellows, blacks, teals and hints of other colors mixed in in chaotic beauty. 

If you'd like to add on a glow liner, you can upgrade your ring to add a glow liner to the inside of your choice. We do not have a prototype of the glow liner version as we had very limited material for prototyping and couldn't make all the colors.

Lastly, all rings will be made in this width. It's just a hair over 1/4" wide.



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