Bronze Titanium


This ring is simple and perfect. It is titanium that has been anodized bronze. Almost everything we do is black, white, grey and some sort of glow color. But we've really never touched bronze or the brown color at all. In fact, hardly any ring makers make anything brown and if they do it's bronze and sadly, bronze will turn your finger some funky colors. 

We took the bronze concept and thought of ways to make a bronze ring without it turning your fingers colors. The solution was right in front us the entire time. We have titanium and we can anodize it bronze. This is the result. 

Hypoallergenic titanium turned bronze. Simple and perfect.


  • Bronze that won't turn your finger green
  • Durable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Chamfered exterior
  • Comfort fit interior
  • 9mm wide

This ring is 9mm wide and absolutely amazing. 

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