Blue UFO


About The Ring

Like everything else we offer, we hand make this ring. But what truly makes it unique is the Alien Carbon Fiber. We are the only people in the world that carry Alien Carbon Fiber. Alien Carbon Fiber is carbon fiber with glow in the dark stones infused right into the carbon fiber itself. It is a feat of engineering to pull this off. The ring charges in direct sunlight and will glow in the dark. The darker the room the more intense and long the glow lasts. 

In addition to the unique carbon fiber, we added a hypoallergenic titanium inner liner onto this design. That helps boost the overall exterior glow because the titanium acts as a mirror. In addition titanium and carbon fiber are both notoriously used a space aged materials when designing high performance cars, jets and space ships. It just makes perfect sense to mate them together. 

Ordering Info

We hand make all of our rings so there is often a little bit of a wait for us to make them so please be patient. This particular design is a little easier to make for us to the expected wait time will be shorter than the standard 30-60 days. 

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