Barrel Blackwood Carbon Fiber Ring


It's no secret that we enjoy thic, broad rings. Due to our love of some of these beefier, chunky rings, we're rolling out a special broad ring that is both wide and thicc. We are using the dome shape to help with the comfort of such a thiccc design. This ring is between 3-4mm in thickness and just over 1/2" wide at 13mm. 

This ring comes from a side cut of carbon fiber which gives it the appearance of being blackwood. The carbon fiber used to make this design is over 1.5" tall where most of our stuff is only .5" tall. That extra investment in carbon fiber makes this design what it is. 

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Broad
  • Thicccc
  • Customize your finish

This ring is solid carbon fiber. It's extremely strong, extremely durable and yet, surprisingly light weight. It is a broad ring so typically we recommend you sizing up 1/2 size from your normal size. 

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