Aurora Knucks

Left Finger Size:
Right Finger Size:

These are the first ever Knuckles or Double Rings from Carbon Fi. They are made with our signature and exclusive Aurora Carbon Fiber that has glow infused directly into the carbon fiber itself. 

We are the first small business to use glow infused carbon fiber in rings and launched on Kickstarter. Over 5 years later, we are still going at it but we've only improved, thanks to 5 years of experience and over a $100K in product innovation and development. 

We're only offering these in turquoise glow at the moment. 


Normally when you buy knuckles or double rings they come standard with 1" cut outs, sometimes you can find smaller, but rarely do you get to size your rings. We're offering you the ability to custom select sizing based on some generic diamond saws we use to core our rings. We then polish and clean them up. We have some options depending on where you'd like to wear your ring. 

For example, I wear a 13 on my index, a 13 on my middle, 11 on my ring and a 9 on my pinky. So if I wanted to wear this on my middle and ring finger on my right hand, I'd select 13 left hole and 12 right hole (rounded up). If I wore this on my left hand on my pinky finger and my ring finger, I'd order the left hole at 9.5 and the right hole at 12. 

Round up to the nearest size. These are broad and with two loose fingers, the knuckle will still feel quite comfortable, yet snug. 

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