Aqua Ice Aurora

Aqua Ice Aurora

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About the Ring

We make this ring with our exclusive Aurora Carbon Fiber. It features 5 distinct glow stripes infused right into the carbon fiber itself which provides strength. Because the glow stripes are narrow and part of the carbon fiber, it appears like a classic carbon fiber ring during the day, but when you walk into a dark room, it's hardly the same. The glow flares to life and provides a unique piece to look at. The difference between the Aurora rings and the Saturn rings are simply the Aurora rings don't have a solid glow liner on the inside. The glow liner does make the ring glow brighter, but is not necessary. 

Ordering Info

This ring comes in 3 different widths so you can customize the ring. 1/2" wide (Barrel Style) gives you 5 stripes, 3/8" wide (Traditional men's ring size) gives you 3 stripes and 1/4" wide (Narrow) gives you 2. This ring typically ships within a few days of ordering as long as we're not behind on orders.