80/20 Super Lume

$200 $275

Our 80/20 design has been around for 6 months now. We're very proud of it and the transition Carbon Fi 2.0 has taken. To celebrate we're mixing some of the old Carbon Fi with the new with a new spin on the 80/20 design! 

This design features our in house made super lume as the base with your choice of carbon fiber or titanium. This design glows very bright. 

  • Bright Super Lume
  • Your Choice of Carbon Fiber or Titanium
  • Selectable Colors
  • Satin finish (in between matte and gloss)

Sizing Questions

Available Sizes 5-15

We can make more sizes than featured below. We can go down to a size 5 and up to a size 15. If you need one of those sizes, select the largest or smallest size and put it into the instructional notes or reply to your email confirmation. 

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