One of, if not the most important step when shopping for a ring is finding your ring size. This is especially true when shopping online since you will not be able to try on the ring before you buy it. As a result, it is extremely crucial that you know your ring size before you purchase. Here at CarbonFi, all of our rings are sized in US sizes. If you are international and need to find a conversion, check out this helpful website.

We recommend a couple ways to find your ring size:

- CarbonFi Ring Sizer

If you are unsure of your ring size, requesting a ring sizer from CarbonFi is the easiest way to go. These ring sizers are extremely accurate and free!

There are two ways to get a CarbonFi Ring Sizer. The first way is by purchasing the ring sizer directly. Each ring sizer costs $10 but includes a $10 gift card as well. This ring sizer is incredibly intuitive to use. We recommend you find a size that isn't too tight and fits comfortably. You don't want the sizer to be too loose to where it will fall past your knuckle easily. 

The other way is to request a ring sizer first directly through the ring you are interested in. When you select this option, it will not cost you any extra and we will send you a ring sizer first! Once you receive the sizer, email us at with your ring size and we will begin making your ring.

- Visit a Local Jeweler

Another great and accurate way to get your ring size is by visiting a local jeweler to get fitted. Local jewelers are equipped with proper sizing tools to ensure an accurate ring size. We still recommend the CarbonFi Ring Sizer due to its convenience and cost, but visiting a local jeweler is still a viable option to get an accurate ring size!

- Things We Don't Recommend

While getting a CarbonFi Ring Sizer or visiting a local jeweler are two great ways to get an accurate ring size, there are a few ways/methods we don't recommend due to varying/inaccurate results, however as last resorts, they can work if done accurately. These methods are the string and paper methods. These methods typically result in quite a bit of variance due to how precise you have to be when measuring. They can work in a quick pinch, but we still recommend going a different route to get an accurate ring size.