The Hulk Side Lume


This ring is green, it's bad, it's big, it's a beast. This is the version 2 of the Hulk Design. It features a new, ultra bright carbon fiber that is dual green stripes called parallels. It's the brightest green glowing carbon fiber ring we've ever offered to date. 

It has a hypoallergenic titanium inner liner, a middle layer of pure glow, and our new parallels carbon fiber on the exterior. The parallels carbon fiber is two stripes of pure glow sandwiched by layers of carbon fiber for strength and for appearance. 

  1. Hypoallergenic
  2. Thiccc boi
  3. Ultra Bright Glow
  4. Glow lasts over 8 hours

Please keep in mind this is one of our more complicated designs. It is 3 layers of materials stacked which means it takes a few days to make just one ring. Each bonded layer goes through a 24 hour curing process involving controlled heat to ensure a permanent bond. It does take a little longer to make and ship so please be patient. 

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