The Finish Line

The Finish Line

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About The Design

We are only making one of each color of this design. We are obsessed with only using the perfect materials and part of that is using the right twill carbon fiber. We don't like the traditional twill carbon fiber tubes because ONLY the exterior is twill which means a cheap looking side finish. 

The carbon we used in this design is twill through and through. It's the good stuff so the side, top, and even inside will be impeccable.  The issue we have is finding the twill carbon in the larger sizes. We were fortunate enough to get some special stuff so we can make it in all sizes but only a limited amount. 

Ring size will be selected after checkout via email. Sizes available are 8-14 in 1/2 sizes as well. The width on this ring is just under 1/2". roughly 11-12mm in width.