Titanium Oracle


About The Design

This design is made by combining the titanium we use in and the ultra bright glow of our Super Lume rings that are also used in our Apollo Lume V2 design to make a design that is stunning in appearance, feel, strength and color. This ring isn't for the faint of heart. It charges quickly in the sunlight and will glow in a dark room for hours. People will notice this ring, even just walking inside. 

Ordering Info

We're hand making all of our rings and designs and it does take us time. Please be patient. This particular design we estimate a 30-60 day production time but sometimes sooner and sometimes longer just depending on how many orders we have coming in. Because we hand make all our designs we can offer a bigger variety and more colors. 

Other Sizes

If you need another size, we can make this design in smaller or larger sizes than listed, we recommend contacting us for your exact size in whole or half sizes. 

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