Blue Angel Inspired Ring

$59 $150

This is a very cool design that we worked with one of the biggest Carbon Fi fans to design. Brandon B helped select the colors used in this design and we ran with it! We really enjoyed doing this. We're likely going to do customer collaboration designs like this more frequently so be on the look out for your chance to put your input into a design. 

This design has two hybrid carbon fibers. Blue and yellow. We added a blue lume stripe down the center. Some of the blue glow trickled into the blue hybrid carbon and you can see traces of it scattered throughout. It was an accident that actually turned out pretty neat! Turning lemons into lemonade! That's what happens when you're designing stuff that's never existed or never been done before. You get some curve balls and sometimes you're able to smash them out of the park! 

This is a limited edition design. We have enough material for about 60 rings. More than we had for the yellow hybrid carbon we did before. If we sell just 10 rings, we'll get started on a new design immediately and reach out to a customer or two to help design it!


Materials for this design are regularly in stock and production time is 5-15 business days. 


Avoid Jewelry Polishing Chemicals, Acetone or nail polish remover. Mild soap and water is the ideal cleaning solution. Water is okay. 

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