Solid Carbon Fiber Ring

Solid Carbon Fiber Ring

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I might get a little emotional writing this description. This is where it all started for us. I shattered my crappy tungsten ring while making a car part out of carbon fiber. The light bulb went off as I had the question, "can I make a ring out of carbon fiber?" After 9 hours, I pulled it off. Since then, we've developed all sorts of different designs but this is where it all started for us. This is the launch design. This is the beginning. It is SUPER special to us. Still to this day, we love carbon fiber and a simple solid carbon fiber ring cut from a 1/2" thick plate of carbon fiber. The waves on the side are so beautiful. We hope you find as much beauty in this simple design as we do. Order we confidence that it'll be amazing.


These rings are all handmade. We typically ship rings within a week of your order unless we are absolutely slammed. Please be patient as we handmade them specifically for you.