The Carrera

The Carrera

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About The Design

One of the funnest (it's a word deal with it) things I've ever done in my entire life is build a house. Right before I quit my job to chase my dream as a carbon fiber artist, I built a house. It was production style home but I still got to customize what went into it which I LOVED doing. We got to pick our flloors, cabinets, roof, paint, the whole nine yards. My favorite thing I put in my house was a carrera style countertop and bathroom tiles. 

I was lucky enough to stumble on a similar material that is acceptable to be used in rings and I used it on this particular design. Paired with carbon fiber and two white glow in the dark stripes, I designed a ring, the same way. 

Ordering Info

This is a limited edition design and won't be around forever. It is a level 2 design that requires a more experienced maker. To see what the level system looks like and the estimate production time associated with each level, please click here. We give you 2 width options on this design so you can customize your ring. The full width of 2 stripes is a broad ring similar to the beast or mega lumes. It is over 1/2" inch. The 1 stripe version is more narrow and is roughly 3/8" wide. Pictured is the 2 stripe, broad version.