Carbon Drizzle

Carbon Drizzle

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About The Design

This ring is unique. We use a black marble material that is almost opposite of the Marbled Carbon, but with smooth, swirled lines. It's absoultely beautiful as it is almost all black aside from the white swirls. It reminded me of how my kids put chocolate sirup on their ice cream. They go to town and put as much as possible. So we named it the Carbon Drizzle. 

Ordering Info

Please be patient, we hand make all of our rings to order and they can take 1-4 weeks to produce. It all depends on our back log. We consider ourselves carbon fiber artists and so we take time making each ring rather than rushing through as fast as we can. In addition, we can make this design in multiple sizes that are not listed below, so if you do not see your ring size, email us.