The Celestial

The Celestial

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About The Design

We are extremely proud of this design. We essential stepped up the game on the Trinity Oreo and added in a single glow stripe. Shown below is the white glow version of this ring. It has a carbon fiber interior which is hypoallergenic and has a high gloss finish. Then in the middle is our signature, ultra bright Lume peaking out of the sides of the ring. Just wait until you grab your steering with with this ring on and it lights up pulling into the garage. On the exterior we carefully set titanium on both sides of a single glow stripe. We add a slight chamfer to the titanium for comfort and because it looks badass.

Ordering Info

Please be patient on this design. It takes some finesse to make. It is available in 12mm width. We can slim it’s down to about 10mm on request. Shoot us an email after you place the order or just reply to the email confirmation. We use titanium from another maker so that we have the highest grade of materials but it means the ring takes 2-4 weeks to make.