Aqua Ice Aurora Ultimate

Aqua Ice Aurora Ultimate

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About The Design

We just beefed up the Aqua Ice Aurora Design to make it beyond cool. The aqua ice aurora carbon fiber is made with black and white hybrid carbon with glow infused right between the layers. There are 10 layers of glow and it has a strong glow. This design we took that carbon and put carbon fiber on the inside. It gives it a really nice appearance during the day, strength and you still get the glow from the aqua ice aurora carbon fiber too. All in all it's a really really nice design. 

Ordering Info

This ring is a level 2. That means an experience maker makes this design so it has a medium wait time. To see what a level 2 ring design is, click here to learn more. 

Shown in the pictures we have a broad and a narrow version of this ring.