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My name is Tyler, I’m the creator and maker behind Carbon Fi. I had a little fun with the picture I posted too. I’m a devoted dad of 4 and husband and my wife just asked me to take more pictures so I made a “don’t take anymore pictures face” and she snapped away lol.

Majority of the rings that come out of Carbon Fi are made by me. Sometimes I get a little help from one of my employees at Rune Refinery, but it’s usually pretty rare. 

I started Carbon Fi several years ago simply because I was wearing a tungsten ring and it shattered on me while I was making an open mouth grille out of carbon fiber. The planets aligned for a brief second, the light bulb illuminated and just like in the cartoons, I had an idea.

At the time, I was a sales rep at Infusionsoft selling marketing automation software. I wanted to move up in the company, but becoming a manager sounded awful, so I skipped the company ladder and skipped right to CEO and started Carbon Fi. 

At first it was just do to do something different and unique that other people would like, but soon I discovered my creative side. I’ve never thought of myself as an artist until recently. I now find myself admiring other people’s skill and more important their eye for design. I find artistic expression everywhere and I’m learning to appreciate the story it tells. I try to create the same caliber of design. 

I also specialize heavily. Many makers focus on many different materials and concepts, but I try to specialize on carbon fiber. Everything to me revolves around carbon fiber. It’s the most advanced, futuristic material out there. In addition many people really struggle working with it which presents a challenge to master. I aim to be the best carbon fiber ring maker on the planet. 

I started with rings but ultimately it is starting to expand into other areas. I’m identifying new products that I am wanting to create and I’ve begun prototyping. Sign up for my email list to follow along. 

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