The Founder

My name is Tyler, I’m the creator, founder and maker behind Carbon Fi.

I started Carbon Fi several years ago simply because I was wearing a tungsten ring and it shattered on me while I was making an open mouth grille out of carbon fiber. The planets aligned for a brief second, the light bulb illuminated and just like in the cartoons, I had an idea.

It took 9 long hours, but I did it. I made my own carbon fiber sheet, I cut out a ring, shaped it by hand, and finished it. I had a ring. I was so proud. I wore it to work the next day and before the end of the day I had orders. I emptied my savings account buying tools and materials. 

Then along came glow. I got my first glow ring from Patrick Adair. I fell in love. I decided to incorporate glow into my next design. The Matrix Ring was born. Carbon Fi quadrupled. I quit my job and the rest is history. 

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