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Running a small business is HARD

I've been running Carbon Fi for 5 years now. I also run one other business and I'm launching a third. It is true that each new business you make it easier, but goodness it's a hard thing to do.  History I started Carbon Fi 5 years ago. I basically just made rings for friends on occasion. It was cool, but I knew for a fact I was onto something bigger. Men had some really crappy selection of rings and I knew there was a market. As I dove into building a website I suddenly realized there was much more than stumbling my way through wordpress. I suddenly had to learn to become a photographer, web designer, merchant gateways, checkout software,...

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Meet Your Maker

My name is Tyler, I’m the creator and maker behind Carbon Fi. I had a little fun with the picture I posted too. I’m a devoted dad of 4 and husband and my wife just asked me to take more pictures so I made a “don’t take anymore pictures face” and she snapped away lol. Majority of the rings that come out of Carbon Fi are made by me. Sometimes I get a little help from one of my employees at Rune Refinery, but it’s usually pretty rare.  I started Carbon Fi several years ago simply because I was wearing a tungsten ring and it shattered on me while I was making an open mouth grille out of carbon fiber....

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