What is Carbon Fiber?

We get emails and messages on Instagram quite often asking what carbon fiber is. We even had a lady that emailed us, just angry that she thought we sent her a black piece of plastic lol. No joke. 

Carbon fiber is one of the most incredible materials known to mankind. It is stronger than steel, yet lighter weight than any other metal. A carbon fiber ring weighs slightly more than a small envelope for example, yet we've driven a Jeep over the ring multiple times without it bending, breaking or appearing damaged in anyway. The material is remarkable. 

In addition to that, it's pretty. It's really nice looking. Like really nice. You'll notice in our rings that you'll often see subtle waves rather than the fabric weave most people are familiar with. We don't use carbon fiber tubes in our construction. We actually layer the carbon fiber, sometimes over 100 layers thick, into what is called a plate. Our supplier is one of the best in the world and he consistently delivers carbon fiber without pin hole voids or any flaws whatsoever. We only use the best stuff and it's what gives the carbon fiber a unique, beautiful look. 

The other reason we use carbon fiber, is that it is safe to wear even if you have metal allergies. We have doctors and nurses that buy our rings specifically so they can wear them while operating or working with patients. Many medical professionals have to remove their jewelry when they go to work, but not with carbon fiber. 

Carbon fiber truly is an incredible material both structurally in the aerospace industry, but also in jewelry and other household items. We're obsessed with it and we hope this helps you to love it as much as we do. Ultra light, super strong! 

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