The Lume Range

The Origin Range is the beginning of Carbon Fi. We were attempting to evolve jewelry to a higher, more aerospace, technological level. We did that, but what's next? It means evolving yourself. Self improvement, development and innovation. 

The Lume Range was our first step forward. A big one at that. We took lume that is normally used in high end diving watches and were able to incorporate it into carbon fiber. Carbon Fi was probably the very first to develop a ring made from carbon fiber infused with lume.

Up until that point there were only 1 or 2 people to combine carbon fiber and lume. Their concepts were nice, but they featured the glow on the inside of the ring primarily. We wanted the glow to be featured both on the inside and the outside. 

After months of prototyping, we finally made the first glow in the dark infused carbon fiber ring that we know of. The Matrix carbon fiber ring or Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring. 

Since then, we've developed many many new designs and improved on our first glow design. We have rings made with our signature super lume, with infused glow carbon fiber and more. We now are on Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Version 3. We have so many more designs and continue to produce more. 


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