The Evolution Of Aurora Carbon Fiber

Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Version 1 - Matrix Carbon Fiber Ring

When I designed the first Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring, it was based on the digital rain from the Matrix. I designed the ring to use carbon fiber that was carbon fiber with alternating thin layers of glow. We called it the Aurora V1 Carbon Fiber or Matrix Carbon Fiber. It was supposed to be a wedding band that looked like a normal carbon fiber ring during the day but glows in the dark and looks like the matrix digital rain (coding that Neo sees). It was a badass carbon fiber wedding band to say the least.


Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Version 2

The second iteration of Aurora Carbon Fiber was less Matrix-esc, but more of a series of 5 thicker glow in the dark stripes. The intention of the Version 2 was to make the glow stripes glow brighter and glow longer. Aurora Version 2 was at least twice as bright and glowed more than twice as long. 

We learned two things from the Aurora Version 1 Carbon Fiber. Thicker stripes make it glow brighter. Thicker glowing stripes also can absorb more glow powder than thin layers to an extent. 

The innovation of the thicker glow stripes proved massively successful making a far brighter and longer lasting glow. We were very happy with the result. Below is an example of the Version 1 vs Version 2. The Version 2 has the thicker glow in the dark stripes.


Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Version 3

We really improved the glow power in the Aurora Carbon Fiber Version 3. We thickened the glow stripes, reduced them from 5 to 4 and we innovated a way to get a tiny bit more glow powder into the stripes. We also added .6mm of extra carbon fiber on both sides of the 3rd version. This gave us a little more room for rounding and comfort fit. 

Below is the raw material, a blank cut from the raw material and a finished, sized, shaped and polished ring. We make each ring by hand from these sheets of carbon fiber. 


Expanding The Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring Line

In addition to the Aurora Version 3 Design Concept, we also developed multi colored glow in the dark carbon fiber. It's the first time multiple colors of glow were infused into carbon fiber. The concern was whether the colors would bleed or not. It was a big risk and a several thousand dollar experiment. Thankfully we've made 3 different sheets of carbon fiber with multiple colors of glow in the dark stripes. The Liberty Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring, Joker Aurora Carbon Fiber Ring (pictured below) and the Aurora Borealis Carbon Fiber Band

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