The glacier carbon fiber ring

This week, we're featuring a very unique carbon fiber that we use to make 3 incredible carbon fiber rings. The Glacier, Glacier lume and Glacier Titanium carbon fiber rings. 

These wedding bands are all made with the same carbon fiber, but two come with upgraded liners. The carbon fiber used to make these wedding bands is a black and white hybrid carbon fiber with a blue glow center stripe. 

We designed this carbon fiber for the contrast that it brings and for the eye catching appearance that it has. These rings are some of the best selling rings we have. They go with a lot of different clothing styles, and stick out in all the best ways. 

The Glacier Carbon Fiber Ring

The glacier carbon fiber ring is just a single ring cut from the incredible carbon fiber that we designed. It has a nice blue glow stripe, rounded edges and is hypoallergenic..

 glacier carbon fiber ring that glows in the dark

The Glacier Carbon Fiber Lume Ring

The glacier carbon fiber lume ring is the upgraded version of the glacier carbon fiber ring. It has a blue glow liner added to the inside. The solid blue glow liner boosts the overall glow of the design by reinforcing the glow in the stripe as well as illuminating the edge of the ring.

Glacier Lume Carbon Fiber Ring that glows in the dark

The Glacier Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring

The Glacier Carbon Fiber Titanium Ring is the premium version of the 3. It has a blue anodized titanium inner liner. The titanium also helps boost the glow of the ring by acting as a reflector for the glow stripe. It only helps a little bit. The real benefit of the titanium on the inside is the added premium feel. The titanium has a very nice rounded shape, is comfortable and provides added strength to the ring as well. 

We enjoy pairing titanium and carbon fiber in wedding bands because they're both materials with highly specialized uses in super cars and the aerospace industry. 

glacier carbon fiber titanium ring by carbon fi glow in the dark lume titanium ring carbon fiber wedding band


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