The Core Carbon Fiber Glow Ring

The concept of a carbon fiber ring with an inner glow liner has been done. Many many times actually. However we've done it better. We've been making carbon fiber glow rings for 5 years now. We didn't want to broach this style until we had it absolutely perfect.


carbon fiber glow ring


Carbon Fiber

The carbon fiber we use in this style is some of the highest grade carbon fiber in existence. It is made with ultra high grade carbon fiber. The carbon fiber weave and fabric is a thick twill that is layered over and over. It is infused with some of the best epoxy you can buy. The epoxy is crystal clear, water thin and infused right into the carbon fiber layers. The infusion wets the carbon fiber making it completely and utterly void free.

A lot of the carbon fiber on the market is pre-preg, which is great for structural layups but often results in micro voids, finishing problems and can have a slight yellow/brown tint. Infusion ensure the most perfect finish and makes the most sense when it comes to jewelry making. 

Lastly, the epoxy, is a crystal clear with UV and strength additives. The UV additive helps ensure that no matter how many times your ring is charged up with sunlight or a UV light, the carbon fiber will not turn yellow or brown. The strength additive help prevent scratching, breakage, delamination and chipping. 


The glowing material we use in this ring style is pure, super lume glow. We use a thin resin to saturate as much glow powder as we possibly can. Most makers use alumilite (which yellows) which cannot saturate much glow powder. Often times other makers are buying glow powder from US distributors which have an ultra high markup. The makers are reluctant to use a lot of the glow powder and they skimp in areas where they shouldn't. We purchase glow direct in bulk to take advantage of the same low pricing the US distributors receive. It gives us piece of mind that we can absolutely saturate the living crap out of the resin with glow powder without a second thought.

We have a special process of treating our resin prior to and during the saturation process to ensure our resin is as full of glow in the dark powder as humanly possible without compromising the integrity of the resin. It might be the brightest glowing resin out there. 


We wanted a ring that super comfortable, but strong enough to last a lifetime. There's an optimal shape and thickness to make this happen. We aimed for a 7-8mm width with comfort fit inside and out. It makes a very nice, comfortable daily wear ring. 

carbon fiber glow ring


Another benefit of the high grade epoxy infused in the carbon fiber is that it polishes better. We don't use clear coats which flake and wear off over time. We polish up the carbon fiber proper. Spinning the ring as fast as the lathe can go to get the best, perfect finish we can. As the ring is worn and gets banged up over the next several years, it will slowly take on a beautiful matte finish. 


The entire purpose of this ring is to stand out tastefully. During the day it is a beautiful black, carbon fiber ring. Black rings are unusual and stand out, but they match with nearly every piece of clothing you can wear. In addition, the glow is hidden, so it's not distracting during the daytime. When you walk in a dark room, the light from the sun or a UV light will illuminate the sides of the inside of the ring and they will immediately illuminate the sides of the ring. It creates a ring shadow and illuminates the edges of your finger. 

The result is a well executed improvement on an existing design. 



Carbon Fiber Glow Ring


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Nice explanation! As someone who owns several of your rings, I know the craftsmanship is always on point.

Tom Corcoran August 12, 2021

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