The Aurora Borealis and Joker Carbon Fiber Glow In The Dark Ring

This week we're featuring the Aurora Borealis and Joker Aurora Carbon Fiber Glow In The Dark Rings. These two designs are the first ever carbon fiber rings that have been infused with multiple colors in a single sheet of carbon fiber. Of course, the first glowing ring design we went for was the joker theme. 

We got a little more exotic with the introduction of 4 different colors together in the Aurora Borealis Carbon Fiber Ring Design. This glowing ring design has green, aqua (turquoise or teal), blue and purple all in one single ring. 

If you'd like to see a quick video of us charging them up and see what they look like, check out to our Instagram Feed to see what they look like in hand! 


 The glow on these designs charges in the sunlight. They'll glow like this for a few moments up to several hours. It depends on the darkness of the room. It really only takes a few seconds to fully charge them up which is great. Every time you walk into a room, they illuminate. 


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