Superconductor Rings

Today we're exploring superconductor wedding bands. Superconductor is any material that allows for electrons to flow freely. This means electricity can be conducted with very little to zero energy loss. Our superconductor used in our wedding bands is titanium niobium allow tubes jacketed in copper. 

Superconductor glow ring better than black badger

We then apply a carbon fiber inner liner to help it be wearable on a daily basis. If it wasn't there, the copper would turn your finger green. The carbon fiber we chose to use on this style of wedding band is our blackwood carbon fiber. It has different names as some makers use the terms darkwood carbon fiber, zebra carbon fiber and more. The real name of this type of carbon fiber is side cut carbon fiber. The reason being is that the carbon fiber is made to be over 1 inch tall, then the ring is cut from the side of the carbon fiber sheet or block. The side cut gives it horizontal waves that appear to flow in the same direction as the niobium titanium tubes in the superconductor. 

Superconductor copper is a product of innovation just as carbon fiber is. We found that it is beautiful and contrasts against carbon fiber beautifully. 

Superconductor is not easy to find so we frequently run out of stock. Order soon in case we run out.


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