Rune Refinery and Carbon Fi

Have you ever wondered why Carbon Fi and Rune Refinery have such similar designs? We're about to tell you. 

January 2017 there was only Carbon Fi. Carbon Fi started in 2014 and made it official in 2015 when it grew from a side hobby to a legit business. In January 2017, Tyler, the founder of Carbon Fi connected with Dan, the owner of then Mica Watches. 

In business you don't just give someone part of your business for no reason, so I (Tyler), positioned the idea of launching a separate joint business called Rune Refinery and so we did. After running it for nearly a year, it was obvious that we were making money but not enough for the both of us. I was living on the revenues from Carbon Fi and Rune Refinery was basically just barely breaking even. We were new to partnerships, and though we both ran individual businesses, we quickly realized it was going to be a bigger challenge than we anticipated. 

We separated. Dan was MORE than understanding and agreeing in the breakup and the expectations for a buy out. 2018, literally the entire year, was spent playing recovery and trying to get Rune Refinery profitable. 

2019 is now upon us and our revenues for both business are up and we've got only an upward trajectory. Dan stepped back in as a consultant and has helped myself design a watch for Rune Refinery! OUR FIRST ONE EVER! 

I have no idea if we will combine both businesses or maintain them separated. We've begun testing a merger at however it's still undetermined. We still aren't massively profitable or anything and it's important that instead of jumping in both feet, we test the waters and get a good feel before we make any final decisions. 

I hope this makes sense and has been enlightening. We're learning as we go. Follow both businesses as we do have differences between the two, though there are A LOT of similarities. The picture associated with this blog article is one for example of a design that is not available to the Rune Refinery audience. We will explain that as well in due time. 

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