Retro Glow. A Wedding Ring with Tons of Glow Colors.

Retro Glow. It's a ton of glow in the dark lume colors hand swirled and carefully mixed at just the right moment. Resin mixing is an art in itself. It involves multiple colors of resin, mixed together. The issue and the scientific part of this art, is making sure the colors don't blend and mix together. 

retro glow in the dark lume with titanium liner carbon fi

There is a science to this. While the resin is curing, there is a split few seconds right when it is going from a liquid to a solid state. It's only seconds of time. Right at that moment, all the colors have to be poured and mixed together. It is still a liquid state but the resin will no longer mix with the other colors. 

Making the retro glow used in the retro oracle ring and retro glow ring is one of the hardest and most unique materials to make. There's a lot of scientific experimentation, trial and error and a dash of luck that goes into making each batch. 

retro glow in the dark lume by carbon fi

The result is the rings you are wearing with a bright, in your face, collection of colors. Each ring is unique and different from another. There is no way to perfectly replicate another ring. It's the beauty of it. Each ring is a one of one. 

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