Premium Vs Standard Vs Low Quality Carbon Fiber Rings

Today I want to break down the difference between various carbon fiber rings on the market. We're only focused on top cut carbon fiber rings. Top cut carbon fiber rings are carbon fiber rings cut from a solid sheet of carbon fiber. The solid sheet of carbon fiber is usually comprised of 15-50 layers of carbon fiber depending on the weight (thickness), tow, and quantity of the carbon fiber layers. 

Low Grade Carbon Fiber Rings

Let's start at the bottom. Low quality carbon fiber rings. Low quality carbon fiber rings are made with poorly made carbon fiber sheets.

Some of these low grade sheets use carbon fiber and fiberglass. The fiberglass is dyed black to look like carbon fiber. Other low grade carbon fiber sheets have voids which are small air pockets that create holes. The holes and air pockets not only reduce the integrity of the carbon fiber, but they look really bad. Poorly infused carbon fiber and a lot of pre-impregnated carbon fiber ends up having holes and voids.

Other low grades of carbon fiber use poor grades of epoxy or even worse, polyester resins. Poor grades of epoxy that have not been properly cured, will break down during the machining process, leaving the finish rough, no matter how much sanding you do. It's because the epoxy begins to melt. Also some epoxy turns yellow over time. 

When you finally make a ring out of poor grade carbon fiber, some of them cause itching, discomfort, weak, chipping, rashes and more. It's absolutely essential to use a high grade carbon fiber. 

Usually low grade carbon fiber rings are easy to spot. They're price point is usually a sure sign. If a maker isn't going to spend money on quality carbon fiber, they probably don't believe in their designs. Usually designs with an MSRP around $50 or less are made from this type of carbon fiber....Low grade rings usually only look good in high gloss format. The matte version usually reveals flaws. WE DO NOT OFFER ANYTHING WITH POOR QUALITY CARBON FIBER

Standard Grade Carbon Fiber Rings

Medium grade carbon fiber top cut rings are made from quality carbon fiber sheets. The difference between medium and high grade carbon fiber is not a high difference. Medium grade carbon fiber sheets are void free, can be pre impregnated or infused. Infused carbon fiber is carbon fiber that is dry bagged (layered up dry in a vacuum bag), then infused with epoxy in the bag. Pre-preg carbon fiber is carbon fiber pre soaked in epoxy, then put into a bad and put into an autoclave. 

These rings are usually priced around $60-100. They look nice with gloss and matte but really really look great in gloss. SHOP TOP CUT CARBON FIBER RINGS

Premium Grade Carbon Fiber Rings

There are very very few premium grade carbon fiber rings. Premium grade top cut carbon fiber sheets are made with thick or heavy weight carbon fiber. It's more expensive, but requires fewer layers of carbon fiber. But due to the weight of the carbon fiber, it has a more prominent wave form that is more coarse and beautiful. This type of carbon fiber looks amazing in ALL finishes. In fact, I'd even contend these rings look the best matte finish because the thiccc waves really pop. Shop Premium Carbon Fiber Rings

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