Premium Range

I designed the premium range to pair the highest grade of carbon fiber and precious metals together. This is one of the hardest concepts for makers and jewelers to do, combine carbon fiber and gold. 

Normally I wouldn't care about making anything with traditional jewelry materials, but I can't help but love the contrast between precious metals and carbon fiber. It is beautiful. 

We use the most beautiful carbon fiber that looks incredible with a gloss finish or matte finish. To bond the carbon fiber to the gold we actually machine both bonding surfaces of the carbon fiber and gold by creating anchors and roughing points to make sure the materials bond together permanently. This concept works on bonding carbon fiber to almost all metals. Fortunately gold, silver and titanium bond really well after the anchors and roughing is done.

The result is that we have created some of the most beautiful rings combining traditional golds and silver with aerospace grade carbon fiber. These are rings you will be absolutely beyond proud to wear. There's only so many people that will ever own a ring like this. You can be one of them. 

Shop the Premium Range and Find Your Ring. 

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