Origin Range. Classic. Timeless.

Before Glow. Before the Aurora Design. Before the Matrix Carbon Design. We started with a simple, carbon fiber broad ring. The first ring, took 9 grueling hours to make. We made it with raw carbon fiber fabric, layered into a make shit compression mold. From there, we carved out a ring using cut off wheels, angle grinders, dremels, a drill and hand sanded with sand paper. 

The result, was less than stellar as the first attempt of anything usually is. But you could not see a more proud person than I was that day. I ran inside from the garage, CAKED in carbon fiber dust from head to toe and showed it to my wife. Seeing what I created, she was supportive and let me drain our savings account on the proper tools. 

The origin range, isn't just a simple range of carbon fiber rings. It represents a timeless change to the entire jewelry industry, small business and so much more. It was just a tiny piece of all that, but was so much more to me. 

With that humble start in my garage on a Saturday, Carbon Fi was born. 

Today the Origin Range represents the humble beginnings of development, innovation, style and design. We have expanded our designs, however they remain centered around what makes Carbon Fi so great. 



Broad Carbon Fiber Ring by Carbon Fi

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